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Lianheng Guangzhou Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 28, 2018, (referred to as: Lianheng Technology) is a development of import and export trading software (including IOS, Android, mobile APP), e-commerce company, is located in beautiful Yangcheng Guangzhou, headquarters is located in the Plaza shopping district, is the largest China for brand enterprises to provide e-commerce, one of the import and export tradingsoftware and service enterprises, the main service covers strategy planning, data analysis, network channel establishment, APP deployment and release and operations, and sales promotion etc.. By virtue of the serviceinnovation in the network marketing and network channel management field and powerful information processing technology advantage, for the brand manufacturers to provide a global sales integration based on mobile platform,is committed to become the service e-commerce professional brand brand enterprise leading!...More>>

As a national high-tech enterprise, fire technology has a group of excellent efficient technology research,marketing, customer service management team, the company has set up a branch in the domestic each big city,encourage team between collaboration and mutual assistance, in a professional and dedicated attitude whenever and wherever possible in order to provide quality customer service, has laid the solid embankment for the sustainable development of enterprises the. At the same time as the one-stop import and export trade of globalbrand enterprise software companies, fire science and technology received a number of national awards, including the software copyright certificate, national patent certificate, Guangzhou City e-commerce demonstration unitssuch as the honorary, obtain the recognition and support of the vast number of customers and government units,for many years to "lead the market with technology, in order to service win users" for business purposes, "began in customer demand, customer satisfaction was" for the service concept, to win a good reputation and customeragree, in the industry establish a good corporate image. Lianheng network technology will continue to serve the country industry and science and technology as their responsibility; to maintain the leading technology as the fundamental;to keep the profits and the scale of the industry coordinated development, ensure investors benefit for the purpose, to make technological innovation as the management goal, to profit over the long term stable and sustainable development of enterprises. Lianheng network technology is committed to become the leading global brands import and export trading software brand! Become the most respected Chinese electronic Business Company!

  • Vision & Mission
  • Promote Chinese manufacturing, services for SMEs, and promote global trade
  • Vision & Goals
  • Vision : To become the world's leading e-commerce service provider
  • Goal : The next 3-5 years in the industry first
  • Values
  • Core values : customer acceptance of efforts to create valuable products and services
  • Based on the core values of the four basic concepts : customers, pragmatic, innovative, team

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